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 Principal Seat (Islamabad)
1. Name: Mr.Aymon Zia
Designation: Registrar
PhoneOff: 9203091,9205911
Fax: 9203448

2. Name: Syed Nadeem Haider
Designation: Additional Registrar/Secretary                        to HCJ
PhoneOff: 9204434
Email: snh66@hotmail.com
3. Name: Dr.M. Motia- ur- Rahman
Designation: Sr.Research Adviser
PhoneOff: 9203443   
4. Name:
Designation:Deputy Registrar (G)
PhoneOff: 9208732


Name: Hafiz M. Afzal Tunio
Designation:Deputy Registrar (S & R)
PhoneOff: 9201711 


Name:Mr.Jamal Mustafa
Designation: Deputy Registrar(J)

7. Name: Mrs.Shabnam Amir Khan
Designation:Deputy Registrar(Admn)
Phone Off: 9214316
8. Name:
Designation: Librarian
PhoneOff: 9204784

9. Name: Mr Ghulam Rasool
Assistant Registrar(G &P)

10.. Name: Mr. Muhammad Sardar Zubairi
Designation: Assistant Registrar (Admin)
PhoneOff: 9222525
11. Name: Mr. Shahid Raheel
Designation: Assistant Registrar
12. Name: Mr. Umar Draz
Designation:Sr.P.S to Hon.J-I
PhoneOff: 9211036
13. Name: Mr. Imran Bhatti
Designation:P.S to Hon.CJ
PhoneOff: 9203446

14. Name: Mr. Muhammad Arshad Khan
Designation:Sr.P.S to Hon.J-IV
PhoneOff: 9204153
15. Name: Mr. M. Akram Khokhar
Designation:Sr.P.S to Hon. J-II
PhoneOff: 9203447
16. Name: Mr. M.A. Latif  Khan
Designation: P.S to Hon.J-III
PhoneOff: 9217038
17. Name: Mr. Zain-ul-Abidin
Designation: P.S
PhoneOff: 9217038
18. Name: Ghulam Jaffer
Designation: Superintendent (Admin)
PhoneOff: 9204334
19. Name: Hafiz Noor Ahmed
Designation: Superintendent (Judicial)
PhoneOff: 9203856
20. Name: Mrs.Shazia Yasir
Designation:Computer Programmer
PhoneOff: 9201035
21. Name: Mr. Muhammad Irfan Tariq
Designation: Assistant Programmer
PhoneOff: 9208679
22. Name: Fayyaz Ahmed Khan
Designation:Network Administrator
PhoneOff: 9215491
23. Name: Mrs.Binish Nawaz
Designation:Database Administrator
PhoneOff: 9215491
24. Name: Mr.Muhammad Sajjad
PhoneOff: 9212481
25. Name: Mr.Muhammad Anwar
Designation:P.S to Registrar
PhoneOff: 9203091

26. Name: Mr.Qaisar Nadeem
Designation: Protocol Officer
PhoneOff: 9203650









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